Visual Studio don’t response when I create new project or stop debugging

Today, I found visual studio didn”t response for more one minute when creating new project or just stopping debugging. It was quit annoying! I had to wait and wait everytime I stopped debugging and wanted to change some code. I didn’t know what to do while waiting and can’t remember the idea I was thinking when I came back. Annoying.

VS’s UI didn’t hang, but you can’t click any place of it. I tried following things:

  1. Open Task Manager. CPU and memory is ok.
  2. Open Process Explorer. Can’t find any thread in VS is consuimg CPU.
  3. Open Process Monitor. No much record and information. VS was just profiling itself and creating a few existing folders.
  4. Uninstall newly installed VS exstention.
  5. Uninstall big VS exstension.

The problem was still there. It might have something to do with network because home network is slower than company network if VS is trying to fetch data from other servers. It shouldn’t show such difference because I didn’t encounter it before. The only difference from yesterday is that our servers were shutdown this weekend. Visual Studio might fetch data form shutdown server. It might relate to debugging, because it’s ok if I start program by pressing ctrl+F5. Finally I found a deadly symbol path pointing to our ‘sleeping’ server. 🙂

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