Link binary tree nodes at the same level

Given modified binary tree node
public class TreeNode<T>
    public TreeNode<T> LeftChild;
    public TreeNode<T> RightChild;
    public TreeNode<T> Right;
        public static void LinkEachLevel<T>(TreeNode<T> root)
            LinkedList<TreeNode<T>> rightMost = new LinkedList<TreeNode<T>>();
            LinkedListNode<TreeNode<T>> first = new LinkedListNode<TreeNode<T>>(null);
            LinkEachLevel(root, rightMost.First);
        public static void LinkEachLevel<T>(TreeNode<T> node, LinkedListNode<TreeNode<T>> rightNode)
            if (rightNode.Value != null)
                node.Right = rightNode.Value;
            rightNode.Value = node;
            if (rightNode.Next == null)
                rightNode.List.AddLast(new LinkedListNode<TreeNode<T>>(null));
            if (node.RightChild != null)
                LinkEachLevel((TreeNode<T>)node.RightChild, rightNode.Next);
            if (node.LeftChild != null)
                LinkEachLevel((TreeNode<T>)node.LeftChild, rightNode.Next);
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